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We suggest you choose your taxidermist before going hunting. We invite you to visit our showroom to see the quality of our work, and we’ll be happy to explain our methods to aid you in your decision.


Antler Vault

At D&H Taxidermy, we understand the unique significance and value each trophy holds. To offer our customers top-of-the-line security, our building features a state-of-the-art Antler Vault. The vault meets the highest grade of modern security measure, including a fire-rated steel door and singular key entry. This keeps all antlers left in our care free from the risk of falls, breaks, or theft. At D&H, you can rest assured that we treat your trophies with the utmost respect and care through the entire taxidermy process.

Group Tours

D&H also welcomes group tours! Call us today to schedule a tour of our professional showroom. Groups both large and small are welcome. We always have a wide variety of mounts and trophies on display, and you’re sure to find something of interest.