Field Care


How to Prepare Skulls for Cleaning

Simply place the head in a plastic bag and freeze, then bring it in or ship it to us . Keep in mind that heads will stay frozen for about three days.

How to preserve game

Properly skinning and fleshing game allows us to do our best work.

Give us a call when you’re ready to ship your animal, and we’ll take it from there.


Bears can usually be “rug cut.” To do this, make a straight incision from the vent to the center of the chest. Then make an incision along the back of each leg from the foot pad to the belly incision. These are the only incisions necessary to skin any large animal. The skin can then be frozen and shipped to us.

Before freezing bear skins, lay them out flat for an hour or so to allow them to cool. After cooling, roll them up and freeze them solid.

Small Mammals & Birds

Small mammals and birds should always be frozen whole; do not remove the entrails. Just tuck the legs, tail, and head in and freeze them.

Deer Heads

Make an incision up the back of the front legs, and then continue on to the center of the belly. An incision should be made up the back of the neck from the shoulder blades to the back of the head. From there, make an incision to the back of each antler. Cut the skin completely around the animal about 6 inches behind the shoulder. You can now peel the skin off the front half of the animal. When removing the skin from around the horns, be sure to go slow and cut the skin right at the burr. Also, be very careful around the eyes, tear ducts, lips, and nostrils to avoid making any holes in the skin. When finished, roll the skin up and freeze it solid.