Fish mounts


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We prefer to do skin mounts on all freshwater fish; however, we also do reproductions if you desire. We encourage our clients to provide pictures of the freshly caught fish so that we can match the colors exactly.

Skin Mounts

For skin mounts, we clean and then degrease the skin at least four times for an oil-free, odor-free mount. Original gills are tanned and incorporated into the mount. We measure your trophy in over 10 areas so that it will be exactly the same size as when you caught it. All mounts are set with two eyes and painted on both sides. A free driftwood habitat is supplied with every mount.

Artificial Reproductions

For artificial reproductions, we request that you measure the fish (both length and girth) and provide a picture.

  • Our standard reproductions include two eyes and are appropriate examples of commercial reproductions.
  • Our premiere reproductions are state of the art, museum-quality reproductions which incorporate intricate scale detail, flexible, transparent fins, and inner mouth detail.